Toya Liu's Senior Piano Performance at Campo Verde HS 2019


High School Seniors 2016

(Noah Gwerder, Chaz Simmons and Tiffany Ma)

Christmas Recital (December 2016)

High School Seniors 2018

(Grace Xu, Ruya Arce, Yulia Lisova and Ivan Yang)

High School  Seniors 2023

Ethan Gaytan and Elizabeth "Lizzy" Watts

Summer Party/Concert  2019

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The youngest students (December 2016)

Christmas Recital (December 2019)

Natalya Thran Piano Studio

High School Senior 2020 - Austin Kwan

High School Seniors 2021 

(Michael Chen and Anastasia Thran)

Many of Natalya Thran's students study with her for many years and continue their music education at University. Her students have been accepted to and studied at Yale, Stanford, Julliard-Columbia, Princeton, Peabody Conservatory, Cornell, Vanderbilt, University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music,  Barnard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, USC, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pennsylvania, Northeastern University, MIT, BYU, UofA, ASU, NAU, UNR and others.

All ages are welcome!

High School Seniors 2022

(Zachary Wang, Annie Qin and Amanda Xu)

High School Seniors 2019

(Mindy Long and Toya Liu)

Students can choose to participate in competitive and non-competitive activities.

All students will be encouraged to participate in the Arizona Study Program.

Each student will have an opportunity to play in Studio Recitals throughout the year.

High School Seniors 2017

(Courtney Fu, Marc Malovoz and Allison Chen)