ASMTA Honors Recital

Austin Kwan - Medal with Distinction (Intermediate II division) and recipient of Dr. Rucollo scholarship for outstanding performance (age 14-15)

EVMTA Jason Sipe Competition

Julia Fawson - winner in Elementary Division

Kate Mitsuda - winner in Early Intermediate Division

Annie Chen - winner in Intermediate Division

EVMTA Piano Competition

Katherine Li - Silver Medal in group A (ages 7 and under)

Yoobin Cha - Gold Medal in Group C (ages 10-11)

Natalya Thran Piano Studio


Austin Kwan - Third place winner in Division II

(9th and 10th grade)

EVMTA Piano Competition

Halle Andersen - Gold medal in group A (ages 7 and under)

Anna Ortega - Gold medal in group B (ages 8-9)

Yoobin Cha - Bronze medal in category B (ages 8-9)

Amanda Xu - Bronze medal in Category C (ages 10-11)

Michael Chen - Bronze medal in category D (ages 12-13)


ASMTA Honors Recital

Anna Ortega - Medal with Distinction in Elementary Division

Tessa Letham (7 years old), Gold Medalist at the EVMTA Piano Competition 2019

Regan Burk

EVMTA Piano Competition

Marie Chen - Second Place in group A (ages 7 and under)

Anna Ortega - Second Place in group B (ages 8-9)

Chaz Simmons - First Place in group F ( ages 16-18)

Yoobin Cha (10 years old), Gold Medalist at the EVMTA Competition 2018


Austin Kwan - First Place in the Concerto Competition

at Brevard Music Center, North Carolina

Austin Kwan- Second Place in the Zimmerli Piano Competition at  BMC

Julia Fawson - Third Place in the Junior piano division at the White Nights International Piano Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Ivan Yang(former student) - Second Place in Michael Moore Memorial Piano Competition at University of Arizona

ASMTA Honors Recital

Sophia Chen - Gold Medal (Elementary II division)

Yoobin Cha - Gold Medal (Intermediate I division and recipient of Dr. Ruccolo scholarship for outstanding performance in age group 12-13)

Marie Chen - Bronze medal (Intermediate I division)

Austin Kwan - Gold Medal (Advanced I division)

American Protege Music Competition

Regan Birk - Third Place

and performance at the Carnegie Hall, NYC

EVMTA Jason Sipe Competition

Jayden Xu - winner in Elementary Division

Vibha Moni -Winner in Early Intermediate Division

EVMTA Piano Competition

Tessa Letham - Gold Medal (ages 7 and under)

Benjamin Gaytan - Bronze Medal (ages 8 - 9)

Seth Ramirez - Bronze Medal (ages 8 - 9)

Kairui Dai - Broze Medal (ages 8 - 9)

Julia Fawson - Silver Medal (ages 10 - 11)

Marie Chen - Bronze Medal (ages 10 - 11)

Phoenix Youth Symphony Concerto Competition

Austin Kwan -2nd place in Piano Senior Division

and 3rd Place in overall Senior scholarship award


Arizona State Representatives in Senior Piano Duet: Toya Liu and Ivan Yang

Julia Fawson, July 2019

Sophia Chen and Vibha Moni, prize winners at Jason Sipe Competition 2019

EVMTA Jason Sipe Competition

Kate Embley - winner in Elementary division

Eleanor Petersen - winner in Intermediate division

Michael Chen - winner in Advanced division

Regan Birk

Sophia Chen, Marie Chen, Yoobin Cha, Austin Kwan

ASMTA Honors Recital

Halle Andersen - Medal with Distinction in Primary Division


EVMTA Jason Sipe Competition

Leah Ortega - winner in Elementary division

Colin Guan - winner in Intermediate division

EVMTA  Piano Competition

Aaron Zhang - Bronze medal in group A (ages 7 and under)

Katherine Li - Bronze medal in group A (ages 7 and under)

Halle Andersen - Silver medal in group B (ages 8-9)

Marie Chen - Bronze medal  in group B (ages 8-9)

Anna Ortega - Bronze medal in group C (ages 10-11)


EVMTA Prize Performers competition

Finnegan Lee - winner in Elementary division

Noah Buell - winner in Elementary divsion

Colin Guan - winner in Early Intermediate division

Amanda Xu - winner in Intermediate division

Ivan Yang - winner in Advanced division

Elizabeth Scroggins - winner in Advanced division