Sophia Chen, Halle Andersen and Seth Ramirez

Tessa Letham (7 years old), Gold Medalist at the EVMTA Piano Competition 2019


World Piano Teachers Association  - USA Missouri Amature Piano Competition

Dr. Kyeong Hah Roh - Second Place

ASMTA Honors Recital

Halle Andersen - Medal with Distinction in Primary Division

Regan Burk


EVMTA Piano Competition

Halle Andersen - Gold Medal (ages 10-11)

Ethan Gaytan - Gold Medal (ages 12-13)

Benjamin Gaytan - Silver Medal (ages 8-9)

Katherine Li - Silver Medal (ages 8-9)

Sophia Chen - Silver Medal (ages 10-11)

Brayden Wagner - Silver Medal (ages 12-13)

Annie Qin - Silver Medal (ages 14-15)

Wanxin Qin - Broze Medal (ages 7 and under)

Daniel Rakes - Bronze Medal (ages 8-9)

Tessa Letham - Bronze Medal (ages 8-9)

Seth Ramirez - Bronze Medal (ages 10-11)

Yoobin Cha - Bronze Medal (ages 12-13)

Michael Chen - Bronze Medal (ages 16-18)

ASU Avanti/Steinway Piano Competition

Ethan Gaytan - Second Place (Junior division)

Brayden Wagner - Third Place (Junior division)

EVMTA Piano Competition

Halle Andersen - Gold medal in group A (ages 7 and under)

Anna Ortega - Gold medal in group B (ages 8-9)

Yoobin Cha - Bronze medal in category B (ages 8-9)

Amanda Xu - Bronze medal in Category C (ages 10-11)

Michael Chen - Bronze medal in category D (ages 12-13)

Michael Chen and Annie Qin

Julia Fawson, July 2019

Yoobin Cha (10 years old), Gold Medalist at the EVMTA Competition 2018

Sophia Chen, Marie Chen, Yoobin Cha, Austin Kwan

Sophia Chen and Vibha Moni, prize winners at Jason Sipe Competition 2019


EVMTA Prize Performers competition

Finnegan Lee - winner in Elementary division

Noah Buell - winner in Elementary divsion

Colin Guan - winner in Early Intermediate division

Amanda Xu - winner in Intermediate division

Ivan Yang - winner in Advanced division

Elizabeth Scroggins - winner in Advanced division


Arizona State Representatives in Senior Piano Duet: Toya Liu and Ivan Yang

Natalya Thran Piano Studio

David Li, Katherine Li and Benjamin Gaytan

Yoobin Cha, Brayden Wagner and Ethan Gaytan


Austin Kwan - Third place winner in Division II

(9th and 10th grade)

Regan Birk

ASMTA Honors Recital

Anna Ortega - Medal with Distinction in Elementary Division

EVMTA Jason Sipe Competition

Kate Embley - winner in Elementary division

Eleanor Petersen - winner in Intermediate division

Michael Chen - winner in Advanced division

EVMTA Piano Competition

Marie Chen - Second Place in group A (ages 7 and under)

Anna Ortega - Second Place in group B (ages 8-9)

Chaz Simmons - First Place in group F ( ages 16-18)


EVMTA Jason Sipe Competition

Leah Ortega - winner in Elementary division

Colin Guan - winner in Intermediate division

EVMTA  Piano Competition

Aaron Zhang - Bronze medal in group A (ages 7 and under)

Katherine Li - Bronze medal in group A (ages 7 and under)

Halle Andersen - Silver medal in group B (ages 8-9)

Marie Chen - Bronze medal  in group B (ages 8-9)

Anna Ortega - Bronze medal in group C (ages 10-11)


EVMTA Piano Competition (virtual)

Kaili Dai - Silver Medal (ages 7 and under)

Halle Andersen - Silver Medal (ages 12-13)

Daniel Rakes - Silver Medal (ages 8 and 9)

Kaylyn Jiang - Bronze Medal (ages 7 and under)

David Li - Bronze Medal (ages 8 and 9)

Katherine Li - Bronze Medal (ages 10 and 11)

Fayfay He - Bronze Medal (ages 10 and 11)

Bhavani Arvind - Bronze Medal (ages 12-13)

Ethan Gaytan - Bronze Medal (ages 14 an d15)

MTNA Junior Composition Competition

Brayden Wagner - Arizona State winner

Southwest Division  - Honorable Mention


ASMTA Honors Recital

Austin Kwan - Medal with Distinction (Intermediate II division) and recipient of Dr. Rucollo scholarship for outstanding performance (age 14-15)

EVMTA Jason Sipe Competition

Julia Fawson - winner in Elementary Division

Kate Mitsuda - winner in Early Intermediate Division

Annie Chen - winner in Intermediate Division

EVMTA Piano Competition

Katherine Li - Silver Medal in group A (ages 7 and under)

Yoobin Cha - Gold Medal in Group C (ages 10-11)


National and International Competitions

Austin Kwan - First Place in the Concerto Competition

at Brevard Music Center, North Carolina

Austin Kwan- Second Place in the Zimmerli Piano Competition at  BMC

Julia Fawson - Third Place in the Junior piano division at the White Nights International Piano Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Ivan Yang(former student) - Second Place in Michael Moore Memorial Piano Competition at University of Arizona

MTNA Competitions

Brayden Wagner - Arizona State representative in  Junior Composition and Southwest Division Honorable Mention

ASMTA Honors Recital

Sophia Chen - Gold Medal (Elementary II division)

Yoobin Cha - Gold Medal (Intermediate I division and recipient of Dr. Ruccolo scholarship for outstanding performance in age group 12-13)

Marie Chen - Bronze medal (Intermediate I division)

Austin Kwan - Gold Medal (Advanced I division)

American Protege Music Competition

Regan Birk - Third Place

and performance at the Carnegie Hall, NYC

EVMTA Jason Sipe Competition

Jayden Xu - winner in Elementary Division

Vibha Moni -Winner in Early Intermediate Division

EVMTA Piano Competition

Tessa Letham - Gold Medal (ages 7 and under)

Benjamin Gaytan - Bronze Medal (ages 8 - 9)

Seth Ramirez - Bronze Medal (ages 8 - 9)

Kairui Dai - Broze Medal (ages 8 - 9)

Julia Fawson - Silver Medal (ages 10 - 11)

Marie Chen - Bronze Medal (ages 10 - 11)

Phoenix Youth Symphony Concerto Competition

Austin Kwan -2nd place in Piano Senior Division

and 3rd Place in overall Senior scholarship award